(in progress)

with Nancy Bell


(2020, 2015)

Antigone: requiem per Patriarchus


with Slightly Askew Theatre Ensemble

Never Let Go: A One Woman Titanic


FAUST (go down with all the re$t)


with Kid Scientist

Oedipus Apparatus

(Southern Illinois University Edwardsville's Xfest) (2017)

Trash Macbeth

(2018, 2016)

The Residents of Craigslist

(2017, 2015, 2014)

Snow White

(at St Lou Fringe) (2017)

R + J: A Telephone Play, or Don't Drink the Milk


with camila le-bert, James Ryan Caldwell, Otso Huopaniemi, John Douglas Weidner, Samara Weiss, & Zhu-Yi

Make Hamlet



The FAUSTival


with SATE, YoungLiars, Post Romantics, Theatre Nuevo, Midnight Company, & Kid Scientist

The Phaedra Phestival


with SATE, YoungLiars, Poor Monsters, & Kid Scientist

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