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ERA’s Moscow! is a drinking-game version of Anton Chekhov’s play Three Sisters.


Olga, Irina, and Masha are sisters living in an insignificant town in Russia. They spend a lot of time talking about how all they really want to do is go back to Moscow, where everything is better. The town’s people come and go through the sisters’ house, which they own with their brother, Andrey. Everyone is so emotionally erratic – is it because they’re Russian? Perhaps it’s because they’re drunk. Three Sisters examines the frivolity of privileged life; Moscow! intensifies it with live music, dancing, and vodka.


Performing Artists

Andrei Sergeyevich Prozorov (Andrey): Will Bonfiglio

Anfisa: Lucy Cashion

Natalia Ivanovna (Natasha): Maggie Conroy (2020), Cara Barresi (2015)

Irina, Olga, Masha, Natasha, Anfisa (understudy): Carson Cosper
Baron Nikolaj Lvovich Tuzenbach: Mitch Eagles

Staff Captain Vassily Vasilyevich Solyony: Jakob Hultén (2020), Randy Brachman (2015)

Aleksandr Ignatyevich Vershinin: Ryan Lawson-Maeske (2020), Pete Winfrey (2015)

Ivan Romanovich Chebutykin: Carl Overly Jr (2020), Mike Wells (2015)

Irina Sergeyevna Prozorova: Alicen Moser (2020), Julia Crump (2015) 

Olga Sergeyevna Prozorova (Olga): Ellie Schwetye

Fyodor Ilyich Kulygin: Gabe Taylor

Ferapont: Joe Taylor

Marya Sergeyevna Kulygina (Masha): Rachel Tibbetts

Production Team

Director & Designer: Lucy Cashion

Music Director & Arranger: Joe Taylor 

Stage Manager: Miranda Jagels Félix (2020), Gabe Taylor (2015)

Costume Designer: Marcy Wiegert (2020), Meredith LaBounty (2015)

Producers: Will Bonfiglio & Lucy Cashion

House Manager: Will Bonfiglio (2020), Kevin Arkell (2015)

Production Manager: Gabe Taylor

Assistant Stage Manager: Emma Hersom (2020), Katrin Hackenberg (2015)

Marketing & Communications: Keating (2020), Kevin Arkell (2015)

Promotional Graphic Design: Katrin Hackenberg

Production Assistants: Carson Cosper & Spencer Lawton (2020), Vincent Grote (2015)

Production History

2020 September 8: SIUE's Xfest, Metcalf Student Experimental Theater. Edwardsville, IL, USA

2020 May 21 - 30: Zoom Webinar, International

2015 June 18 - 27: St Lou Fringe, Kranzberg Arts Center, Black Box Theater, St. Louis, MO, USA

Press & Recognition

Mark Bretz, "ERA's Streamcast of 'Moscow!' Is Clever Adaptation of 'Three Sisters'" in Ladue News

Michelle Kenyon, "ERA’s Intense, Digitally-Presented 'Moscow' Makes the Most of Its Medium" in Snoop's Theatre Thoughts

Chuck Lavazzi, "Sister Act: ERA revives its inventive 'Moscow!' as a webinar" in Stage Left

Production & Rehearsal Photos

by Katrin Hackenberg

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