ERA presents an original, found-text performance created entirely from Craigslist posts.
THE RESIDENTS OF CRAIGSLIST is a one-act theatrical work that realizes the classified advertisements website Craigslist as a full yet lonely house containing a myriad of people – its residents.

The premiere production of this work was created with support from the Regional Arts Commission.


Written by Will Bonfiglio & Lucy Cashion

Performing Artists

Actor 1: Will Bonfiglio

Actor 2: Mitch Eagles

Actor 3: Ryan Wiechmann (2014 &2015), Carl Overly Jr. (2017)

Actress 1: Ellie Schwetye

Actress 2: Cara Barresi

Actress 3: Natasha Toro

Production Team

Director: Lucy Cashion

Stage Manager: Melissa Blair

Assistant Director: Gabe Taylor

Scenic & Sound Design: Lucy Cashion

Lighting: Erik Kuhn

Producers: Kevin Arkell (2014 & 2015), Will Bonfiglio, Lucy Cashion

Promotional Photographs: Katrin Hackenberg (2014 & 2015), Meredith LaBounty (2017), Jason Hackett (2017)

Graphic Design: Lucy Cashion & Katrin Hackenberg

Press Director: Mollie Amburgey (2017)

Production Assistant: Shannon Geier (2014)

Production History

ERA Productions

2017 December 13-16: Centene Center for the Arts Ballroom

2015 September 24: in SIUE's Xfest at the Metcalf Student Experimental Theater

2014 November 12*-16: AlphaBetaClub, Central Print in Old North St. Louis

Licensed Productions

2020 February 14-23 Millennial Poison Theatre Co. (Dallas, TX)

2016 Oklahoma City University (Oklahoma City, OK)

Press & Recognition

Mark Bretz, "ERA's 'Residents of Craigslist' Is Quirky, Offbeat Theater" in Ladue News

Richard Green in Talkin' Broadway (2017)

Andrea Torrence in St. Louis Theatre Snob

Richard Green in Talkin' Broadway (2015)

Michelle Kenyon, "ERA Brings “Craigslist” to Life" in Snoop's Theatre Thoughts

"The Residents of Craigslist is probably the most interesting show I’ve ever seen. I mean this in the best way...Its hilarity is unmatched with any show I’ve ever seen; the concept is original and impeccably done."

Jazmin Wilson, THE COLUMN (Dallas-Fort Worth)