People say that Art is superfluous. This is true - we do not need it to survive. I think Art is superfluous the same way that god is - we do not need it to live but it gives us a reason to.


Art is a form of communication.


Every time we make theatre it should be like we are discovering theatre for the first time. The moment we "know" something is the moment we cut off our opportunity to find something better.


Innovation in process is the key to innovation in art. New ideas fed into the same machine will come out looking like everything else the machine has made. No two works can be created the same way.

Making art is a risk, and must be, or it is merely entertainment.


You must disassociate yourself from any preconceived ideas of how theatre is made if you to make it with us. You must understand that actors are artists, not laborers, if you want to make art with us. You must accept that lighting design is as important as playwrighting, which is as creative as scenic design, which is as emotional as acting, which is as humble as directing, which is as effective as sound design, which is as integral as costume design, which is as necessary as any of those other, unlabeled elements that manifest themselves in the process of making art. You must accept their equality if you want to make theatre with us.


Every work of art requires a different amount of time to create. A work of art is only finished when no one sees it anymore. Artists need structure. A work of theatre may find its initial structure to be a written play, but it may also find it to be blocking, a sound scape, a set, improvisation, a painting, a score, costumes, props, stage directions, or a dance.


I make art for the audience,  who always deserves more than what it has recieved. I make art for my fellow artists, so that they may participate in it, as well as challenge it. I make art for myself.


I have seen words poured into molds, cooked, hastily dislodged, and then put up for display at a high price.


Art is unquantifiable and therefore cannot be owned; copy-right is an ill-fitting convention.


I am no more or less important to the process than anyone else.

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