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ERA’s Snow White is a collage play. It takes torn bits of Snow White from different times and places and presents the audience with the reassembled pieces.


Snow White feels painfully unfulfilled. The seven men she lives with are fighting for relevance. Jane, the stepmother figure, is a psychological terrorist. Paul has blue blood and now someone has stolen his typewriter. Snow White's mother, the narrator, is, like all mothers in fairytales, dead. And the Secretary of State is worried about all of them and their palpable sexual energies. But then again, isn't it possible that each of these characters is merely playing out some pre-conceived, cliché identity and that this entire work of theatre actually has nothing to do with any of them? Isn't it possible that you too, audience member, are playing the wrong character in either the correct or incorrect play? Heigh-ho.


August 2017


at the The Grandel


Snow White is presented as part of St Lou Fringe

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