What is Equally Represented Arts?


EQUALLY REPRESENTED ARTS means egalitarian consideration for every potential element in a work of theatre. It means playwriting is as important as costume design, which is as significant as acting, which is as consequential as directing, which is as momentous as lighting design, which is as critical as choreography, which is as crucial as dramaturgy, which is as vital as scenic design, which is as influential as musical composition. For example, finding the full potential of a work may mean beginning with a soundscape rather than a play-text. The concept of Equally Represented Arts exists in the impetus for creation, and it continues throughout creation and the rehearsal process. In many works of theatre one artistic element, sometimes recognized as structure, naturally or intentionally drives the others. ERA supports this. There are leading roles on the stage, and that is wonderful. But we must always recognize the possibility for any artistic facet to take this role. Theatre/performance art differentiates itself from other arts in two aspects: it takes place in real time, and, by nature, it is an art form that consists of many art forms. We must respect all of these forms, as they are indispensable to our identity.

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Equally Represented Arts is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.